Bula Vinaka! Welcome to Suva, Capital City of the Fiji Islands. Studio 6 Apartments formerly known as Motel 6 has proven itself over the years as a renowned apartment complex catering for people all around the globe while visiting Suva. We are located on the fringe of the Suva Central Business District overlooking the famous Suva Harbor and City.

The apartments were constructed in 3 phases which commenced in 1999 from 29 to 53 and ultimately 89 rooms. Today, Studio 6 caters for types of travelers whether they are visiting for business or leisure activities For the last eight years we have accommodated tour groups, families, backpackers, business clients, honeymooners and many others. Within its boundary it has facilities with an affordable price tag for all types of travelers...more

Finally in 2008 a conference centre was built to cater for our local and overseas business clients. STUDIO 6 is a secure location with trustworthy security personnel to safeguard the property and its guests. Be sure to check out STUDIO 6 Apartments if you are traveling to Suva. We offer rates and packages that will accommodate travelers of all budgets. We are looking forward to make your stay enjoyable while you attend to your business or pleasure.

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